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PSA from Latinx Babywearers

The Babywearing world is in an uproar as of late. One of the oldest Babywearing companies has finally decided to right a terrible wrong. “indio” is a slur used to describe Indigenous and Indigenous looking people in the latin community. This is just another way to show how deeply ingrained racism is in every fascet of our society. These things are never spoken about by those that have the platform. The fact that this insult is so widely known and loved in the Babywearing community shows how well Cultural Appropriation plays on our desires. I’ve owned a couple of these over the space of 2 years and I would have never took part had I known where the history stemmed from. Imagine such a blatant slur hidden in plain view, but not really. I am happy for the companies that have spoken out against change. I know where I will not be spending my money.

Your Indio is RACIST

“indio” in spanish is a racial slur directed towards indigenous and indigenous looking peoples in latin america and latinx communities.
didymos’ Indio design is stolen from indigenous peoples of mexico
A racial slur hurled at indigenous peoples, and used to label a stolen indigenous design is gross and offensive
*psa brought to you by latinx babywearers

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