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Fostering Love at The American Museum of Natural History

Today we packed up our littles for a day at the American Museum of Natural History here in NYC. We spent the day learning about different cultures worldwide and the wildlife that once roamed our planet. The American Museum of Natural History is the home of many fascinating fossils. Check out Carolina and baby Gabey standing in front of a mama Barosaurus protecting her baby. She is the tallest free standing dinosaur mount in the world!


Carolina is wearing Fostering Love – Comfort by Smitten. This wrap was designed to bring awareness to all of the amazing foster families out there.  This wrap is a 60% cotton 40% mercerized cotton blend with a 230g/m² making it a medium weight beauty that rises to the challenge. We found the wrapping qualities to be supportive and airy on a hot 90 degree day in the city.

If you want to see this gorgeous wrap in action along with a quick Poppin’s hip carry demo then just click here!

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