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Apple Blossom Wovens Under the Sea Turquoise weft

Attached has been partnering with the lovely Lisa Carter of Apple Blossom Wovens to convert wrap scrap donations into various items to be sold. 100% of the proceeds acquired  from these items go towards funding World on My Shoulders. The mermaids are just so stinkin cute and I was sad to see them go but I feel that way about everything I create. These mermaids are extra special because of the name of the wrap scraps used to create them. The two on the outer ends were created from the remnants of a woven wrap called Under the Sea! How cool, right? The mermaid in the center was made with scrap from The Secret Garden woven wrap. When I think about mermaids I can’t help but wonder at the life they would presumably live under the waves. I could imagine gardens of seaweed and kelp, conch shells and anemone. I guess what I’m trying to say is that maybe mermaids under the sea have secret gardens of their own.


Carolina and I have had the pleasure of hosting Under the Sea turquoise weft this last week. We also happened to be celebrating little baby Gabriel’s first birthday. Of course we went shopping with all of our littles in tow. Halfway through our trip Carolina needed a break from the carrier she was wearing so I gave her Under the Sea and commenced with the spamming.

The name Under the Sea is such a true given name. Everything about this wrap screams summer, beach, seas, oceans, everything aquatic! It has all of these stunning blues and greens gradually rolling into one another very much like waves. This is a 100% cotton blend with 290 gsm but it also comes in tencel and linen options. We both found UTS to be very supportive, just enough grip to keep passes in place while it was also able glide easily to allow necessary adjustments while wearing. Under the Sea spoke to our mermaid loving hearts and we give it five stars. We made a little in action video you can check out here.



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